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No sound

There was no sound on game so you couldn't hear them talk

Great one

My 2 yer old just love it, and she has learnt so many names of different objects, i am happy.

A good cute game !!!

This game is very suitable for children preschool education

challenging app

It`a a jolly exciting program! Learning thru` playing. Wanna say thanks to the developers. Very nice interface easy to handle.


a very nice kids game ! very entertainint education games for kids to learn english and vocabulary ! nice graphics is another attractive point for the kids to continue play the games nonstop !


this kids game is very suitable for preschool kids to let them learn vocabulary and english. Very nice graphics to attract kids attention. Nice apps !

Cute app

This app is cute, and I like that its fun and educational as well. The only suggestion I would recommend is, to try and either get other people to help out with doing voices, or use a voice changer program, because you can tell that the same woman is doing the voice for the doll and the robot. And no ofence but it doesn't sound that great. But besides that it's a good app, I would like to see what the paid apps are like.

Fun for young children

This game is definitely not for me... but my 5 year old sister seems to enjoy it. You select which room to go in (boy or girl) and choose between four mini games. Most of these include finding a toy, or spelling, which can be pretty helpful. I think it’s pretty cool they included two different rooms to enter, one for boys and one for girls. The graphics are surprisingly cute and do a good job of representing the toys. It would be nice if there were more games or at least an option to pay .99 to unlock more stuff. I recommend this simple learning app for anyone with young children.

Good app for kids to play and learn

Good app for kids to play and learn! Cute graphics with enjoyable music and sound effects, kids can learn during playing. Very good way to train memory.

It's a decent game.

This is a great game but not for me.But kids will be very interested in this app. It's helpful for them to understand new things and broaden their horizons.Cute interface!Whether your toddler is a boy or a girl, he or she will like it!


What a wonderful app for my kid he use it all the time and he's learning five star for sure


funny game, my kids like to play this, can train the memory

Great game

This entertained my son for hours, geeat entertaining game

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